What am I up to right now?

I regularly get asked what I’m up to.  Here’s the official list, current as of October 2019.

Am I busy? NO! Read why below.


I’m a big fan of Fractional Work. I find that I’m more productive when working on various projects and cross-referencing my learnings amongst all of them. The only downside is that describing what I do at a cocktail party is awkward.

  • My main gig is currently Senior Director of Engineering at Cars.com as the lead of the Alpha Group.  We’re currently working through a Technology Transofrmation, and in my role I’m responsible for the technology and infrastructure that runs the main website of Cars.com, from the Network Circuits that connect our Data Centers to the world all the way through our Content Delivery Networks that host our Terabytes of content..  If you’re in Chicago, you should reach out to me and swing by for lunch.

Graduate School

I’m currently enrolled at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in their Executive MBA program.  I started in January of 2019 and will graduate in December of 2020.

A Kellogg MBA is a transformative experience that can’t easily be described.  If you’re a fellow Kellogg Alum, or interested in learning more about Kellogg and if you’d be right for a Kellogg EMBA, please feel free to reach out.

Startups & Advising

I love startups. I love the energy, solving problems and the challenges of solving problems.  I work with many startups in many capacities.  Often, startups need a seasoned executive to help guide their success. I enjoy filling this role and do it with several companies.

  • I advise DraftBit.  They are a technology startup working on a more efficient approach when building Mobile Apps using tools from the ReasonML and Expo ecosystems.
  • I’m serving as an Advisory CTO for GearFlow, a local Chicago startup building a marketplace for the Equipment Rental market.
  • I’m serving as the CIO of Rent Like a Champion. I’ve been working with Rent Like a Champion since 2015 in an advisory and part-time capacity, during which they appeared on Shark Tank and received an investment from Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca.  A real highlight was the episode update we filed at an epic tailgate party in Auburn, AL with Mark and Chris.


Giving back is very important to me.  This means spending time with various causes I care about, mostly Technology and Open Source related.


I’m blessed with an amazing family. Our three girls are growing like crazy and I take every chance I can get to play with them, teach them about computers and electronics and all the geeky things they can handle.  We home-school all of them at the moment, which is great. We’re taking it a year at time, but enjoy it because my wife and I both actively participate in their learning adventure.

Where to find me

I live and work online.  I spend a significant amount of my day plugged in and am generally available.

Am I Busy? Not really.

I often hesitate to list all the things I do because I inevitably get asked, “So, you must be crazy busy, right?”.  In a word, no.  My view is that you’re only busy if you live an overwhelming, out of control life.  Is that harsh? Sure, but it’s also honest. I hate being busy and strive to manage my time and direct it towards what matters to me most.


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