What am I up to right now?

The answer to that never-ending question

I regularly get asked what I’m up to.  Here’s the official list, current as of January 2017.  Am I busy? NO! Read why below.


I’m a big fan of Fractional Work. I find that I’m more productive when working on various projects and cross-referencing my learnings amongst all of them. The only downside is that describing what I do at a cocktail party is awkward.

  • My main gig is currently Director of Engineering at Cars.com as the lead of the Consumer Experience Portfolio.  I spend my time leading a team of amazing Engineers to drive our consumer experience forward. If you’re in Chicago, you should reach out to me and swing by for lunch.

Startups & Advising

I love startups. I love the energy, solving problems and the challenges of solving problems.  I work with many startups in many capacities.  Often, startups need a seasoned executive to help guide their success. I enjoy filling this role and do it with several companies.

  • I’m serving as SuperBetter’s Chief Technology Officer.  SuperBetter is a Chicago startup aimed at helping people recover from Mental Illness and Traumatic Brain Injury.  It’s a great app that helps a lot of people and I’m proud to be part of it.
  • I serve as the Chief Information Officer for Rent Like a Champion. They’re a great Chicago startup story that aired on Shark Tank and received a deal from Shark’s Mark Cuban & Chris Sacca.  I was part of the technology team that helped keep the website running when the episode aired. It was a blast and I’m continuing to help the company.
  • I mentor the CEO of Langa.io, a Node.js consulting company out of Norfolk, Virginia, by serving as their COO.
  • I mentor the CEO of Clutchwork, a small consulting company out of Omaha, Nebraska, by serving as their COO.
  • I work as an advisor to GetBric, a service resources projection planning platform based in Omaha, Nebraska.


Giving back is very important to me.  This means spending time with various causes I care about, mostly Technology and Open Source related.


I’m blessed with an amazing family. Our three girls are growing like crazy and I take every chance I can get to play with them, teach them about computers and electronics and all the geeky things they can handle.  We home-school all of them at the moment, which is great. We’re taking it a year at time, but enjoy it because my wife and I both actively participate in their learning adventure.

Where to find me

I live and work online.  I spend a significant amount of my day plugged in and am generally available.

  • Phone: +1-872-216-1185
  • Email: Hit up my contact form
  • Twitter: @mikehostetler
  • Facebook: http://facebook.com/mikehostetler
  • LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/mikehostetler
  • Github: http://github.com/mikehostetler
  • Keybase: http://keybase.io/mikehostetler

Am I Busy? Not really.

I often hesitate to list all the things I do because I inevitably get asked, “So, you must be crazy busy, right?”.  In a word, no.  My view is that you’re only busy if you live an overwhelming, out of control life.  Is that harsh? Sure, but it’s also honest. I hate being busy and strive to manage my time and direct it towards what matters to me most.

Note to self: I should probably write a blog post on this some time.


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