About Mike Hostetler

I'm a Technologist, Entrepreneur and Executive based in Chicago, Illinois.

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Me in a Nutshell

Mike Hostetler is a leader and technologist residing in Chicago, Illinois. He is passionate about Remote Work, Work Operations, Open Source Software, JavaScript and all things Web. He currently works as Director of Engineering at Cars.com, a leading two-sided digital marketplace in the automotive industry. With almost 20 years of technology experience, Mike has worked across many industries including government, energy, telecommunications and publishing. As an Entrepreneur, Mike built a leading JavaScript consultancy which he exited in 2015.   Get in Touch

My Skills

  1. Technology 80%
  2. Leadership 60%
  3. Entrepreneur 40%
  4. Father 90%
I'm a Teacher and Student.  Leader and Follower. Reader and Writer.  Speaker and Listener.  Father and Son.  Life is a constant journey of learning.  Learn more about my professional background on my LinkedIn profile.

  • Mike has definitely had a big impact in my career and personal growth.- Manuel Di Cristo
  • I have been lucky to have worked with a number of great managers in my career so far. Mike is among the best I've encountered and I would not hesitate at the opportunity to work with him again.- Chi Chi Wang
  • Mike is a down-to-earth, solutions-oriented entrepreneur.- Tina Alexander
  • Mike is not only an expert at what he does but he also has the heart of a teacher.- Chris Sharber