Venkman JS Debugger for Firefox 1.5

Posted on November 30, 2005

Like most other responsible web users I went and downloaded the brand spanking new Firefox 1.5 yesturday.  Whenever I download an install a new version of Firefox, I have to reload all my extensions.  This can be a tremendous pain because of version incompatibilities.

My saving grace is that I know that most of the extensions will come out with versions compatible with Firefox 1.5 in the near future.  When I say most, I mean all except the Venkman Javascript Debugger.  

The Venkman Javascript Debugger is a beautiful piece of code that literally enables me to act like a wizard of AJAX.  People who are not aware of Venkman are dazzled by how fast I can debug a piece of javascript and subsequently pay me money to do so.  

When Venkman  didn’t work for Firefox 1.5, I quickly started hacking and have produced an UNOFFICIAL version that does.  It’s linked below.

Venkman Home Page

Unoffical Venkman that works with Firefox 1.5 

1 Reply to "Venkman JS Debugger for Firefox 1.5"

  • Jeff L
    January 25, 2006 (6:04 pm)

    Seems to have the same problem as the version here:

    Where it can only be opened once, and then you have to kill the firefox.exe process in order to open it again.

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