Must-read article by Tim O'Reilly about where he sees computing going. He's got a unique perspective, one worth listening to. Url: Url: a:3:{s:6:"target";s:7:"default";s:5:"class";s:0:"";s:3:"rel";s:0:"";}

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RSync with a non-standard SSH Port

Posted on December 8, 2007

While doing some work on the JQuery Plugins site today, I needed to use rsync over ssh. The ssh daemon on the remote server runs on a non-standard port, and all the port related options to rsync only change settings if you're running the rsync-daemon. After some searching, the man page of rsync finally offered a solution: rsync -avz -e "ssh -p $portNumber" [email protected]:/path/to/files/ /local/path/ Passing the port parameter to ssh with the ...

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Tabbing solution for Windows

Posted on March 2, 2006

Alex King just posted about why tabbed interfaces have gained in popularity lately.  On the solution end, he points out WinTabber.  Currently, no download is available for WinTabber, which is really too bad.  Hopefully we'll see something from them soon.The screenshot of using PuTTY in a tabbed window must makes me drool.  It seems I am always opening up several PuTTY windows at once and this tool would be incredibly ...

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