The Office Door Effect

Posted on September 11, 2014

This post originally appeared on appendTo's blog on September 11th, 2014.  I've cross-posted it here for posterity. Here at appendTo, we are a fully distributed company. We all work from home offices across the country and world, rarely connecting with one another in a physical space during the normal course of our work day. The key to making this a success has been our perspective of translating the normal human interactions we are ...

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Maker Time

Posted on November 18, 2013

My friend Joe McCann was riffing on a busy meeting schedule this upcoming week. I could relate and shot back a response on Twitter. I've fought this for years and thought I'd write a quick blog about it. One of my favorite habits that I've followed from time to time is scheduling what I call "Maker Time". After starting appendTo four years ago, my day to day work is filled with meetings, writing emails and generally solving problems of all ...

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The Third Way

Posted on November 12, 2013

Two roads divide, I took neither. In fact I climbed up in the BullDozer and paved a third. It didn't start out this way on purpose. In fact I set out to do things the way I was told. When appendTo launched the first thing we did was hire a COO. Someone that knew how to do business the way business was supposed to be done. Jonathan & I were the creative team, and we wanted to focus on delivering great customer experiences, not on ...

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