REVIEW: The New Kingmakers – How Developers Conquered the World

Posted on February 7, 2013

The New Kingmakers Book CoverOn a flight back from New York last month I finally had a chance to consume Stephen O’Grady’s new book, The New Kingmakers. Published by O’Reilly and currently available as a preview via New Relic, the book summarizes Stephen’s view that Software Developers are slowly conquering the world.

Please don’t read this book – it gives away too many secrets

That’s why I never want you to read this book. Stephen lays out the most thorough case for the changes every industry on the planet is currently experiencing and provides sharp and focused insight into how to tackle these challenges head on.

Why don’t I want you to read this book? I don’t want you to read this book because it lays out the playbook I’ve built my business upon for the last three years. Stephen is giving away all of the secrets of some of the best companies out there. He not only explains what is happening and why, he provides recommendations for how to attract, recruit and keep developer talent for your organization.

Enough joking, this book is amazing

All joking aside, I’ve known Stephen for a few years now and have tremendous respect for his insights. He puts in the time to get to know not only the business side of our industry but the perspective of the people that make it happen, the developers.

Coming from a developer background myself and now standing at the helm of appendTo as the CEO, I can verify that the case that Stephen lays out in this book is solid, well considered and actionable. I’ve seen it first hand. I’ve built a business around it. I know it works.

Ignore this book at your peril. I’m writing this review because I feel like the ideas in this book are worth sharing and worth your time to read.

Get the book here.

If you’ve read The New Kingmakers, please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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