Relocated to Chicago area

Posted on November 27, 2012

After spending the last two years living in western Wisconsin, I’m excited to share that my family and I have relocated to the Chicago area.

One of the major benefits of appendTo is the fact that we’re a virtual company.  Before the company was formed, the decision was made that we wanted to build appendTo to be 100% virtual.  The literal goal was to be able to put a bullet through our laptop and be back up and running in less then 2 hours.  This was one of those crazy late night thoughts that we’ve stuck to for 3 years now and it’s worked out rather well.

appendTo now has employees or contractors spread across 12 states.  Our community is tight knit and I feel that the lack of a central office has really demonstrated that this model can work.

I’m really looking forward to getting plugged into the local tech community and supporting the Chicago area JavaScript and Web Development communities.

If you’re local to the Chicago area, please drop a note in the comments to say Hi and suggest any local meetups to get plugged into, I’d love to hear from you!

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