Know of an open VP of Engineering role?

UPDATE – July 19th, 2021I’m actively searching for new opportunities.

To aid in my search for a new role, I’ve put together this page to answer some basic questions about what I’m looking for in a new opportunity. If you know of a role that may be a fit, please let me know!

Interests & Capabilities

For my next chapter in my career, I’m focused on the following areas:

  • Technology Leadership – I enjoy leading teams to apply technology to accomplish busines goals.
  • Cryptocurrency Industry – I’ve been involved with Cryptocurrency since 2015. I’m looking for a role to apply the knowledge I’ve gained towards building the next generation of the decentralized Internet, otherwise known as Web3.


  • A role where I am helping grow a company through participation on a Leadership Team
  • Working from home in the Chicago suburbs, Central Time Zone
  • Open to a reasonable amount of travel
  • Health Insurance for my Family
  • Full time salary, with an appropriate compensation package for the role


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