Error 1604 when upgrading your iPhone to version 1.1.1

October 10, 2007 — 23 Comments

iPhone Yellow Triangle of DeathI set out to upgrade my iPhone software yesterday. After buying the phone, I followed Alex’s instructions for cancelling my AT&T service, so now it’s an iPod Touch with a SIM card slot. I’ve been using the iPhone as a testing platform. I have not performed any of the hacks against it.

So, I thought the upgrade would be a breeze. I was wrong.

After connecting my phone to iTunes on Windows XP, iTunes prompted me to upgrade. It downloaded the new software and applied it to my phone. Somewhere in the process (I wasn’t really paying attention), I received the infamous yellow triangle of death. The instructions on how to fix this are after the jump.

After searching long and hard throughout the Internets, rebooting WindowsXP machine several times, here’s what I found. These instructions are for WindowsXP running iTunes 7.4.3.

  1. Don’t Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes!!! Most of the instructions I found told me to do that, I never had to.
  2. If iTunes is open, shut it down
  3. Connect your iPhone to your computer via the supplied USB cable.
  4. Open up Windows Explorer and navigate to the following directory.C:Documents and Settings**YOUR USERNAME HERE**Application DataApple ComputeriTunesiPhone Software Updates. Be sure to replace your username with the appropriate directory. If you can’t find the Apple ComputeriTunes folder, you are probably in the wrong users directory.
  5. If you’ve received the 1604 error, you would have already downloaded the iPhone 1.1.1 update. There should be a 150Mb file in the iPhone Software Updates folder that contains the update.
  6. Double click that file. iTunes will open, and it should begin the process of updating your iPhone into working condition

Given that you are working with an expensive little device, I feel I need to state that I am not providing any warranty for these instructions. Please perform them at your own risk. I sincerely hope they work for you.

Mick McCormac wrote in explaining that switching the USB port his iPhone was plugged into helped him get past the 1604 error. Sounds crazy, I know, but it worked for him. YMMV.

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