iPhone Wifi not working? Reset your network settings

September 25, 2007 — 97 Comments

Had a interesting experience this morning. I’ve yet to write up my full iPhone experience, but here’s a early sneak peek.

I was working to get my iPhone connected to my home Wifi network. I have a old-skool Linksys WRT54G router running the DD-WRT firmware. I do that because I’m a linux geek and I like to have absolute control of my router. I run my wireless security under a WPA Pre-Shared Key, without broadcasting my SSID. Granted, I’m the only person on my block who runs wireless (yeah, I checked), but I like being secure.

I initially had to manually configure my Wifi network on my iPhone because I wasn’t broadcasting my SSID and my network wasn’t being picked up. Somehow, I got a few wires crossed and was completely unable to connect to my network.

I followed all of the instructions online about rebooting my router, rebooting my phone and nothing worked. Finally, I discovered the reset option under General Settings.

From the Home Screen, I clicked on “Settings”. From there, I scrolled down to “General” and clicked on it. From there, I scrolled to the bottom, clicked “Reset”, then “Reset Network Settings”. After accepting the warning that I was doing something dangerous and clicking the giant red button, the iPhone started buzzing and shaking and generally throwing a fit. After it was done getting reset, I simply went back into Settings -> Wifi, saw my network, connected and it worked!

So, if you’re *still* having trouble with the iPhone v1.0.2 Wifi, reset your network settings. That did the trick for me.

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