iPhone Wifi not working? Reset your network settings

Had a interesting experience this morning. I’ve yet to write up my full iPhone experience, but here’s a early sneak peek.

I was working to get my iPhone connected to my home Wifi network. I have a old-skool Linksys WRT54G router running the DD-WRT firmware. I do that because I’m a linux geek and I like to have absolute control of my router. I run my wireless security under a WPA Pre-Shared Key, without broadcasting my SSID. Granted, I’m the only person on my block who runs wireless (yeah, I checked), but I like being secure.

I initially had to manually configure my Wifi network on my iPhone because I wasn’t broadcasting my SSID and my network wasn’t being picked up. Somehow, I got a few wires crossed and was completely unable to connect to my network.

I followed all of the instructions online about rebooting my router, rebooting my phone and nothing worked. Finally, I discovered the reset option under General Settings.

From the Home Screen, I clicked on “Settings”. From there, I scrolled down to “General” and clicked on it. From there, I scrolled to the bottom, clicked “Reset”, then “Reset Network Settings”. After accepting the warning that I was doing something dangerous and clicking the giant red button, the iPhone started buzzing and shaking and generally throwing a fit. After it was done getting reset, I simply went back into Settings -> Wifi, saw my network, connected and it worked!

So, if you’re *still* having trouble with the iPhone v1.0.2 Wifi, reset your network settings. That did the trick for me.

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  • Anonymous

    I bought an iphone and unlocked it and am using it in india. The first day the wifi worked but now it doesn’t show or detect any wireless network. I have tried everything that people have tried on here but nothing works. Does anyone with an unlocked have have a solution to this???

  • mikehostetler

    Have you applied the giant update that was pushed out last week? I’ve heard that applying that update to an unlocked phone can cause some problems …

  • LookitsJ

    OMG thanks. I don’t know what i did either, but this trick kept me from throwing my phone out the window.

  • mikehostetler

    Glad to help. After doing my iPhone 1.1.1 upgrade, I had to follow these instructions again to get my wifi working again.

  • arran tawhara

    i did the reset thing to but mine has been in reset mode for nearly an hour is this normal?

  • mikehostetler

    Interesting. What version of the iPhone are you running? I’ve used this reset trick on 1.0.2 AND 1.1.1. Perhaps there is something else going on with your phone. If you find a solution, please post it back here.

  • Diego

    Great trick!!
    I was about to restore the iPhone and everything…

  • Anonymous

    i have an unlocked iphone and im using it with tmobile and my wifi does not work its never worked ever since i unlocked the phone if n e body knows what to do let me no please

  • RickB

    You are my absolute HERO! I was ready to throw my iPhone against the wall after several hours of unsuccessfully getting it to talk to my wi-fi network. After spending more time than I care to admit to on the Apple support/discussion forums your solution was the only one that worked. Thank you SO MUCH for posting your solution to this very frustrating issue.

  • Corne

    PLEEEASE help me.
    I have reset my Sumsung D900i eeeprom and now i cant seen te get n netword someone please help me. Email me at cornekruger1@msn.com Please help

  • steve

    Iam experiencing exactly the same problem with my unlocked iphone. The day I got it the WI-FI worked great, but for some reason it now will not detect any networks. If you do get a solution I would be very greatfull to here it.

  • Alela

    I have the same problem. iphone 1.1.1 unlocked. wifi is not able to find a network. It keeps trying but no network is shown. After network reset (settings>general>reset>network reset) it worked, but just once. Now wifi is not locating networks again.
    I’ve tried to reset the iphone by holding the home and the on/off switch together for 60 seconds and twice the wifi worked, but again when it disconnect by timeout, when I reactivated it no longer is able to locate a network. Any solution for this? I’ve restored and re-unlocked twice already because of the same problem.

  • furtive

    Thanks for this great tip! I had the same problem and your solution worked perfectly on my hacked iPhone. Cheers!


    hi ok here are my problems i have an iphone bought from abroad
    it was unlocked but silly me upgraded by accident and now its blocked i tried doing the thing on dropthelock.com but my safari cant find the server does that mean its something to do with my wifi settings . anyway i going out of my mind as am not very technical what i need is someone to email me with very EASY solutions

    please help someone your emails are welcome

    thank you all very much i would appreciate this

  • mikehostetler


    I’d suggest downgrading your phone back to the original 1.0.2 (or 1.1.1) firmware. There are many instructions on how to accomplish this on the Internet. I even wrote a post about a problem I encountered when trying to downgrade my phone.

  • Anonymous

    How long does it take to reset the network settings? Mine has been resetting for the last fifteen minutes…..

  • mikehostetler

    It shouldn’t take 15 minutes. Try turning your phone off by holding the power key (top of phone) for 5 seconds, then turning it back on again.

  • rahul

    my wifi on iphone keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting itself and when i go to network setting and click on the wifi i want it accepts and after 10 sec the loading icon (sun looking thingi /0keeps on movin and diconnects me and again it reconnects me and again disconnect . due to this i cannot access youtube or safari. i reset the network settings but still no help. please help me on this

  • KF

    Just tried it, works so far with my home connection. Was very quick to reset.

    Not sure what will happen after turning off phone, but so far, so good.

  • Anonymous

    i have an unlocked i phone…initially the wifi worked just fine but now i am facing a problem in connectiong to it…it detects all the networks present but is unable to connect…can someone please help..thanks

  • kent

    i have a 1.1.1 unlocked and one morning i woke up and my wifi stopped work. When i came home i pulled out the plug for my router and my modem and pushed them back in. Now the iphone will find the netgear router but safari says it “cant find the server”, even though i am getting full bars on my wifi symbol. I tried the reset thing but it did not work. any sugesstions?

  • Daniel Drehmer

    Thank you so much! This really solved my problem

  • M.D

    unlocked my iphone 1.0.2, but the WiFi fail to connect. I performed reset on my router which was helpful. You method did the trick “From the Home Screen, I clicked on “Settings”. From there, I scrolled down to “General” and clicked on it. From there, I scrolled to the bottom, clicked “Reset”, then “Reset Network Settings”. WiFi is up and fully operational.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the help. I thought its my network problem that keeping me from detecting my network. I tried your advice and now back to normal.

  • Harsh

    I have recently bought an unlocked iphone in india. i wish to connect it to my home wireless and for that i need to put in the requisite ip address and dns settings… however whenever i put the settings into my iphone, in like 2 mins the values dissapear and some other values appear and my phone is not able to connect to the internet … if anyone could help i would really appreciate it.. i tried resetting my network settings but that does not help …

  • Great Tip!!!

    Thanks, for the tips on connecting my iphone to my home network. It worked for me!!!

  • GJ

    Thanks for the tip dude..wifi and edge were both not working.. reset network settings worked sweetly

  • abhishaek

    I am having a similar problem with my unlocked iphone in india as Harsh(22nd Feb post). Though I can connect to the wifi I am unable to browse. I would be grateful for solutions. Will Safari work once the wifi is properly connected?

  • Meesh

    so i have the newest version on the iphone (1.1.4 or whatever) and i cant even detect my wifi and my edge internet is gay. i tried the reset network setting thing, but that never worked

  • chris

    it really works. thank you for your thoughtfullness.

  • Anonymous

    thanks that was a big help

  • sn

    Hi. I have an unlocked iphone. it was working fine but since i returned from an overseas trip it stopping picking up edge. so I followed instructions here and reset my network settings. However now it i snot using wifi – although it is able to see and connect – but does not switch to it – continues to use edge! Please help if you have seen a similar situation.


  • Anonymous

    guys with t-mobile i phones i found out how to get ur edge working if u have the internet plan go to settings then ur general and networking settings select edge and for the edge settings type in internet2.voicestream.com it works

  • frustrated

    this thing is kiiling me !!!! i have now been surfing the net for 2 days, tried everthing !!! But still my phone goes back to edge after i set the wifi !!!! Please someone help me, it is a unlocked phone and i am useing a zyxel wireless router. I would really really really love any comments ….


  • crash


  • Mike

    I updated 1.02 to 1.14 and now my wifi will not work. If you e-mail me a solution that works I will deposit money into your paypal account I promise. I cannot function without my wifi.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks! You saved my wifi!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been tryin to connect to my wi fi. I click the nework then type in my password, but when i click join nothing happens. What do I do. there is no other unlocked networks.

    #2 if i synced ringtones to my iphones from my computer would I have to wait until i connected to the itunes store to set it. Or can I set the ringtone without connecting to the store. The ringtone that I intially synced from my itunes on my computer.

  • delight

    Hi Guys…upgraded with liberty+ to 1.1.4
    now my wifi does not work….
    any helps please….
    Thank you

  • Anonymous

    you are a lifesaver, brilliant

  • babar

    i just bought a iphone and got it unlocked its 1.1.4 its showing complete signal of wifi but its giving error cannot connect to server…….pleasae anybody …help

  • PPriess

    Hey great tip / reminder!

    I had “lost” my wifi network for a couple of weeks already…

    There’s also a “renew lease” button within the wifi you have selected… not sure if had any influence on my issue though.


  • Peter

    Your tip fixed my iphone’s (showed connected to my normal wi-fi network but only would connect vi EDGE) wagon when no other combination of restarts/resets would. Thank you!

  • jeigh

    it really works!many thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I just got my iphone today and with a 1.1.4~ and I got t-mobile internet plan, can someone help me?

  • Louie Cheng

    after upgrading the bootloader from 3.9 to 4.6 for the 1.1.4 version.no wifi can be detected after. The problem cannot be solve even after restore to 114. please help

  • Mohit Anand

    Yes, great tip. Worked well. I was earlier using EDGE, and it wasn’t working on wi-fi. But works great now.

  • devdasali

    see i can not connect with network by wi fi …when i reset the network it does not work …plese help me???????????

  • lawrence

    guys i have a question, i have a unlocked iphone (v.1.1.4) what happens if i reset my network settings?? does it go back to at&t?? i just wanna make sure it doesnt go back to that suck ass network… thanks guys…

  • NJOY

    thanks a lot dude..
    u almost saved my life..
    I had my phone unlocked & updated to 1.1.4 & I f*&%d up my iphone, took it to apple store, he got me replaced it..
    I jus got it unlocked tru winpwn.. everything was kool except wifi. .
    followed ur instructions, n it worked,, not everythings working fine..

  • Germain Moya

    Ok… So I just got an iPhone 3 days ago and getting the same error.. Unable to connect to server.. This is Only an issue with my wifi network.. I can connect to any elses in the neighborhood no problem… What is the deal I have reset network settings 10 times, force reboot the iPhone 3 times, reset my router 10 times, I can’t figure it out what am I missing? Any help would be great!

    Linksys WRT54G
    factory settings

    1.1.4 iPhone

  • Micah

    Worked like a freakin charm. Thanks for the tip. This had been driving me crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the tip! For some reason my network kept getting no service for the past week. Upon finding this and trying it, my network’s fully hooked up again! Thank you very much for the help.

  • devdasali

    no body answer me..
    my wifi does not work ..because i reset it and it maybe delete it because it shows in the networks
    wifi none..
    that is mean it delete from the i phone ..
    what i have to do to return that or i have to go to the agency..thank u … please help me argent…i did not use mu i phone untill now

  • devdasali

    my wi fi had been delete it after i reset the network..help me please?????????????/

  • Jo


    Today it appears that my iphone will no longer connect to my home wifi.

    When i go into settings, the wifi tab shows not connected, when i tap on to this it shows the wifi is on. if i go to choose a network scans but nothing ever appears, i.e. not picking up any other networks. If i ask to join others it asks for network name and password??? , obviously i dont know of other networks or passwords.

    When i first set up my wifi i remember added my router information but i can no longer find where i added this information to possibly try again, no reflects how i first set up my wifi. Have i upgraded or done some bizarre action that i am not aware of, i know the phone is touchy and you can easily end up in menus in error, but this is driving me do-laly.

    BTW – this is a chipped iphone running on orange server, if that makes a ounce of difference in me resolving this.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have done the forced re-boot and i have turned airplane mode on and off and re-booted my home router, none of these make any differnce.

    Jo ;o(

  • Urfi

    Hi Friends i have 1.1.4 iphone my wifi is connected but while brosing i get error safari cant open bcz it cant find the server. please helppppppppppp

  • Douglas Strider

    son you still haven problems..and how did i even run across this on the internet??????lol

  • Me

    I just got an unlocked iphone…. my wifi shows that it is connected but when i go on safari there is an error?? can some1 plz help!!!!!!

  • Emile

    Hello Jo,

    I recently faced the problem as yours.
    My (unlocked) iPhone running version 2.1 can’t find any Wi-fi network. I have two wireless access points and my iPhone 3G can find and connect to them without any problems.
    Have you managed to sort it out? Your advise will be highly appreciated.


  • Emile

    Hello Jo,

    Have you managed to sort out this?
    I am facing the exact same problem with iPhone 2.1

    I appreciate your feedback on that.
    my email is emile.shaya@gmail.com

  • Qurat

    Hi..i had upgraded my iphone thru itunes which resulted in the phone getting locked. I somehow managed to restore it back thru quickpwn but now it is not detecting my network carrier…I am not using AT&T. I have tried everything on the net but it wont work. Could you pls help me.

  • hakkie

    I have the exact same router. But I have WPA2 securty on.

    cant get it to work. Does anyone have a solution?

  • Nichole

    Thanks 🙂 worked for me.

  • Anonymous

    thanks buddy save me a headache
    god bless

  • Ali

    thank you so much

    god bless all good people

  • Reba

    It’s over a year later and the information in this post is still working. Thank you so much!

  • Anonymous

    man thats for that info… saved my life…

  • walky009

    This is so great!!! It worked for me, I was almost abandoning the APP> Great idea!

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  • jose

    yeoo i had aproblem now with my ipod touch it dont want to open the safari aim it always says network not workin n then i use to do ma trick ” go to settins n turn the wifi off n put it back on ” this time the thing got worst i do that n still dont let me have wifi then after a while i turn it off n the same thing happen i did it 2 times n it was like that then after all that i got on the pc to check information luckly i saw ur page thing n i read it i did what u said and still keeps doin that i already restord it 2 times idk what to do 🙁

  • DunnKulaMaui

    Thank you – thank you – thank you ! Worked like a charm !

  • Serena e

    Thank you so much!
    I never knew there was a reset button. genius.: )

  • Adam

    Worked perfectly on an unlocked iPhone 3GS running OS version 3.1.2

    Hit the reset, wait a few seconds for it to reboot itself then the wifi network pops right up again 🙂

  • tien

    hi can someone please help me. my iphone had the same problem as the guy up there from india where it cant detect or get wifi. so i went on a website and they told me to go reset my network settings and now my phone is like dead. it wont turn on or anything.

  • BiBi

    OMG This actually worked Thanks alott!!!
    I have been having so much trouble but
    this solution is great

  • jessB

    OK so like many others i have lost my wifi its been over a month now. I tried the network reset and it didnt work. My boyfriend has the same iphone as me- an unlocked 3g. I am pretty sure I havent done any new upgrades. And now as of this morning my phone wont even connect to internet with my service providers internet through tmobile. Could I have a virus? How do I check if i made an accidental uprgade? And does Cydia have anything to do with this? Sorry i dont know very much about iphone software and i feel so lost. Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    I have followed your advice and reset my network settings. But now when I go under settings to look at my Wi-fi, it is grayed out and says “No Wi-fi”. I tried resetting again without any change, and now I can’t even get into the settings to try and connect manually. My husband’s iPhone is sitting right next to mine and connected to the Wi-fi without trouble. Any ideas besides getting a new phone?

  • Lilly Adams

    The company I used for my Wireless LAN Setup was very knowledgeable and available 24 hours a day for any problems I may have run into. Check out their site http://www.turn-keytechnologies.com/About-Us.aspx I hope this helps you.

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  • Nia

    I just wanted to ask u: my iPhone is unlocked, if I restore the network settings will i lock it, cuz that’s what I’m afraid of.

  • Anonymous

    I am using an IPhone version 3.1.2 and it was working perfectly but now suddenly my wifi and bluetooth stopped working. I have tried resetting the network setting and reset all settings but still cannot get it working. I do not want to loose my applications in the phone by earasing all contents. Any one faced this problem. Help Please. Thanks to all.

  • Sabrina


  • Anonymous

    Last night i seen a video on youtube showing me how to get a wifi hotspot anywhere i go. I did everything it said using an app call Cydia .. it didnt work and every since i tried i cant even connect to my own WIFI here at the house..


  • Balaji

    Thanks a lot. This is working perfectly on 3.1.2v.

  • Anonymous

    i dont know you but i love you. im been turnin it off n usin a different phone but never again . i feel so stupid. thankyou so much

  • Allyson

    OMG! I am so absolutely grateful that u did that and helped all of us. I wouldve never thought to even do that. After several of weekends that i spend with my mother i was so absolutely irritated that my wifi, for some weird reason, stop working.. so again! Thanks :-))

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Thank you!!! It worked!!!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! You are soo awesome! I did exactly what you said, and now my wifi works. Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Michael

    I need help with my wi-fi. I have the iphone 3g and my wifi has not worked for about a year now. My software version is 3.1.3 (7E18). I never even get any indication that my phone is looking for a wi-fi hot-spot. When I go into the settings menue, the wi-fi selection is grayed out and I am unable to select it. I have reset all the settings but that didn’t work. My phone is jail-broken so I don’t want to try updating my software or I may lose my jailbreak for this phone. I have had this problem for the past few sorfware upgrades. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Isabelle

    Omg! I love you! It worked for me! I’ve been without WIFI connection on my iPhone for around 7 months and I was just thinking of buying a new phone : Blackberry Bold :/ LOL Now I’m keeping my iPhone 3 G ! Woot!

  • imtiaz

    excellent!!! fix suggested by you worked for me….thanks for the solution i was suffering for the last 2 weeks…..thanks again

  • Michael Waterhouse

    Thanks this was helpful and worked straight away. The symptom I had been experiencing was that the “tick” indicating the wifi was connected kept on oscillating on and off. The network settings reset did the trick, even though I had previously tried the general reset opt in unsuccessfully.

  • eric

    how do you unlock the phone? i bought an iphone 4 last month from an apple store in u.s.a then came to south africa and the phone doesnt detect the local mobile network. is it because its locked or what. am frustrated please help

  • It worked


    It worked for me. I have an iphone 3gs 16gb on version 4.0. Jailbraked. The only thing was that It did not work on the first time, I had to do it twice and got it working (resetting only the network settings), Hope this post helps. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    my iphone camera crashed on me…it is froen on the shutter screen. would u know how to fix that?

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