Why can't I find a good designer?

This is getting frustrating.  I announced previously that I am working on re-designing my website.  That is true.  However, I’ve been through 2 designers already who haven’t been able to deliver.  I’ve interviewed countless more. 

My latest attempt has been to use the new oDesk service to find a designer.  I put up a job on Wednesday of this week and got 14 responses.  After looking at the portfolios of the talent that responded, I’m discouraged.  Not one of the portfolio sites was a fresh design.  The best ones out of the bunch looked like they are only about 2 years behind the curve. 

Am I asking too much? I just want a design that is fresh, light, CSS driven and can be converted to a Drupal theme.  I’d settle for a more corporate update of my current blog-centric theme. 

If you know of someone who can do this, and their work isn’t stuck in the ’90’s, please let me know.

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