Backpack Search Update

Well, rather then doing any more research, I just went out and bought a backpack yesturday.  More on that in a second.

First, I’d like to say thanks to Alex and Nate for emailing me suggestions.  I also realized that I had turned comments off on my blog, which I immediately remembered doing because of an excessive amount of spam.  

Now, back to the pack.  I ended up purchasing a REI brand daypack called the Lookout.  The large weighs in at a hefty 2500 cubic inches.  After spending some time looking at the other packs in my price range, this one fit the best. 

I’ve had it less then 24 hours so I don’t feel I can make a good review just yet.  Perhaps I will write one later.

I normally don’t make purchases this fast.  However, the need was huge here, so I had to do something.  Part of the reason I went to REI was because of their excellent return policy and the fact that I drive by their flagship store almost every day.   

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