New Laptop Bag

Well, the laptop briefcase my wife bought me finally broke this weekend.  As I was walking into the house, the metal ring attaching the shoulder strap to my bag broke.  Unfortunately, this makes this bag effectively useless to me. 

I’m not too dissappointed, I have been wanting a new one.  So, the search is on.  If you have any suggestions for a good bag, please email me on my feedback page.

First, requirements. 

  • The bag needs to be able to handle a laptop, I guess that is fairly obvious.  What might not be so obvious is that it needs to handle different sizes of laptops, I typically carry two different laptops depending on the situation.  My third (and oldest) laptop rarely gets carried around.
  • I need space for cords.  I typically carry and use my iPod, Laptop Power Cord, Headphones and a Wireless Mouse. 
  • Space for Pens & CD’s.  My bag is a travelling office, a few pens and a blank CD/DVD or two is essential.

I started the search this morning with Google.  I found one good review for the BooqPaq3, but found this review 5 minutes later.  Given the fact that my friend Evan Bartlett wrote the second review, I’m more inclined to believe him.

Evan did have a great suggestion though.  He said that he has just started using his old North Face backpack as his laptop bag.  So, I’m going to stop by the REI Flagship store in downtown Denver today and see what I can dig up.

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