Motivation for GTD, Pleasure or Pain

I had an interesting observation while driving to work this morning.  Where does my motivation to stick with GTD come from and when am I most likely to stick to the system?

The short answer?  When I am the busiest.

The long answer?  When falling behind in life can cause the most pain. 

Sure, there was a time when doing GTD was all about playing with new gadgets, cool notebooks, cool pens, and pretty flowcharts.  Almost two years after reading David’s book, all I’m left with is a shelf full of cool stuff that I no longer use (side note, I stilluse Moleskine notebooks, they rock).  These pleaure motivations just didn’t do it for me.

Because I’ve been so much busier lately, the pain of falling off the GTD horse has become my motivating factor.  If something slips through the cracks, I lose money.  If I forget one little detail, I lose business.  This causes me pain.  Pain motivates me.

It’s that simple.

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