Denver Tech Meetup

Attending the Denver Tech Meetup last night was a blast.  Steve O’Grady is definitely on to something here.  Rather than focusing on any one technology or methodology, the DTM brings together people from all over the technology landscape.  If you live in Denver, you should definitely check it out.  So far you just need to watch Steve’s blog for the next date.

I met several very interesting people, all of who I am very honored to know.  Joe Hildebrand, the CTO of Jabber and I talked about the what Jabber does and how Google’s adoption of the Jabber protocol, XMPP, is helping to springboard Jabber based IM onto another level.  It was very interesting to hear his thoughts on the pending IM war.  I’m not sure if Joe has a blog, but I’ll defer it to him to expand on that.

UPDATE: Joe has a blog!  Thanks Peter.

I also met Peter Saint-Andre who also works at Jabber.  I hadn’t heard of him before, but apparently he works closely with the Jabber Software Foundation as the Executive Director.  I learned that writing RFC’s aren’t a lot of fun, but the people who write them are very interesting.  I just started reading his blog this morning, so I can’t speak about it very much.  However, just the fact that he uses Vi, XML and XSLT as a publishing platform rocks.

Alex King also attended.  Although we only talked for a few minutes due to the time running out on my meter, he’s got some interesting things in the works

All in all it was a great turnout.  All networking opportunities aside, it’s a wonderful time to share a few beers with some really interesting people.  I look forward to the next one.

UPDATE: Matt Raible has a blog!

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