Google Maps and Web 2.0

O’Reilly talks about the emergence of the Web, version 2.0. I
thought it was very interesting that he calls Housing Maps
( the first Web 2.0 app. I am not really even sure
what the Web 2.0 is, but this might be the tip of something we’ll begin
to see in the future.

Tim O’Reilly spoke today at Where 2.0 about
the merits of holding a confab focused on mapping and location based
technologies and framed it in the context of the emergence of a new
platform, Web 2.0. O’Reilly said that the mapping industry is at an inflection point
as evidenced by the flurry of recent company announcements and, more
importantly, from watching increased activity among the "alpha geek"
community.  He claimed to have been among the first to predict the
emergence of Web services in the late 90s from watching the rise of
screen scraping. Similarly, he saw universal Wi-Fi on the horizon when
hackers in the wireless community started extending signal range with
empty Pringles cans.

Via ZDNet 

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