Flexing your relationship muscle

When it comes to relationships, it can feel like you are traversing
a minefield at times.  But, who created those mines?  

by the time I realize that the apprehension I start to feel from a
relationship comes only from me, I’ve missed a golden opportunity.

Keith Ferrazzi
makes some excellent points about this topic in a recent blog
post.  Keith wrote a book titled "Never Eat Alone – and other
secrets to success, one relationship at a time".

I believe that relationships are a fundamental key to
success.  I can’t count the number of people I’ve met, then let
slip from my address book.  Does a system exist to track your
communications with friends, the emails you send, the phone
conversations you have?  The closest thing I’ve found is a CRM
system, but I think that is geared too much towards driving the
relationship into a profit-making sale.  Who knows, this might be
a great opportunity for some home grown code in the future.

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